Employee FAQ’s


  • The pay rate for most starting non experienced first time employees is $8.37 per hour
  • Wages are paid on a weekly basis for all employees.
  • Most employees will work an average of 35 hours per week, however, there may be opportunities to work more or less hours if desired. (over time is not available)
  • Bonus programs for staff starting pre season and ending after labor day
  • Pay Raises based on work performance and merit

Benefits & Incentives

  • Employee Discounts to all JiLLy’s Stores
  • Employee Discounts to other participating businesses
  • Discounted food for employees
  • Performance & service related rewards and incentive programs with a variety of prizes such as : movie passes, dinner certificates, and more
  • Flexible and fun work environment on the beautiful Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk
  • Opportunity to work with and meet people from all over the world
  • Opportunity to grow within a fast growing family business environment
  • Paid on site training

Operating Dates & Hours

  • JiLLy’s Stores are open daily from mid­March through mid­October; however our main season (full time operation) extends from mid­June until mid­ September.
  • The retail stores and food concessions are normally open from 9am until beyond midnight. JiLLy’s Arcade is open daily year round and 24 hours per day in the summer season
  • Scheduling varies and can be flexible. Shifts can range from 6 hours at a time to 12 hours. Double shifts are also available, but we do not pay overtime. We pay the hourly rate for all the hours you work.
  • JiLLy’s Stores also maintains store hours in the off season, as well as a full e­commerce website year round


  • Our training focuses on customer service and all details relating to your particular job description
  • Food associates will receive specific job training, which details how to prepare, clean, and serve our products to the highest expectations and in accordance with NJ Board of Health standards.
  • Retail store associates will receive all the training needed to assist customers, merchandise store product, and organize inventory
  • All employees receive paid training. Training continues throughout your progress with our company


  • JiLLy’s Stores Sales Associates, Guest Service Representatives, Food Service Staff, Parking Lot Attendants, and Inventory Control Personnel are provided with JiLLy’s branded t­shirts, sweatshirts, and hats.
  • Associates must provide themselves with at least two pairs of khaki colored, cotton shorts or pants and a closed toe, flat athletic shoe (trainers, sneakers, etc.). Denim is also acceptable.
  • All uniform attire must be conservative in nature with no tears or holes. Must fit properly and not be too big or too small. All associates must wear the proper attire to work.

Appearance and Guidelines

  • Visible tattoos are permitted provided that they are approved by management.
  • Any and all jewelry may be restricted for safety reasons. Necklaces must be kept inside shirts at all times for your safety.
  • Any and all jewelry may be restricted for safety reasons. Necklaces must be kept inside shirts at all times for your safety.
  • Hairstyles and make­up should be neat; extreme styles or color are not permitted. If you have any questions, please ask.

NOTE­ The guidelines outlined above do not include all of JiLLy’s Stores guidelines, but are listed to provide an idea as to what will be expected on your first day of employment. All associates agree to adhere to these guidelines.

International Applicants without prior JiLLy’s Stores work experience should apply in the following manner:

Apply by sending an email of interest, including a resume with dates available and CV to Jobs@JiLLysOC.com.

We recommend that students interested in employment apply by April 1st.

Applicants with prior JiLLy’s Stores work experience may re­apply by email at Jobs@JiLLysOC.com​ before ​April 1st, 2012​.

Please include in the subject line: FORMER EMPLOYEE. A minimum work commitment of 12 weeks is required .