French Fry Factory


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Ocean City’s Tastiest Boardwalk Tradition

JiLLy’s French Fry Factory in Ocean City has become a boardwalk tradition. Our french fries are fresh cut all day long with the same methods since the day we opened our doors in 2001. Each potato is inspected, cleaned, cut, cooked and served by hand to ensure the freshest and most consistent product. Each batch is made to order and served piping hot ;  soft and delicious on the inside / crispy and golden brown on the outside. JiLLy’s French Fry Factory offers a variety of delicious dipping sauces to create a whole new french fry eating experience. Our potatoes are not peeled and are cooked with the skin which not only locks in the full flavor of the fry but retains the nutrients from the potato. Simply put, JiLLy’s offers “The Best Fry You’LL Ever Try”
Funnel Cakes are another staple item at JiLLy’s French Fry Factory. No visit to the Ocean City boardwalk would be complete without a JiLLy’s Giant Funnel Cake. Each of our funnel cakes are made with our home made batter secret recipe. Each cake is made fresh to order while you watch. After the cake is removed from the fryer it is coated with a storm of powdered sugar and choice of toppings. Our toppings include Boston Cream, peanut butter cups, strawberry shortcake, and so many more. Funnel cake has been an Ocean City Boardwalk tradition for generations.
JiLLy’s French Fry Factory also serves fresh squeezed lemonade like you have never had before. We have been using the same blend of our fresh squeezed lemonade recipe built with a whole lot of JiLLy Love since 1984. Our customers love to collect the JiLLy’s Reusable Thermos which allows unlimited refills of $1.95 FOREVER! Sip on your favorite fountain soda or JiLLy’s fresh squeezed lemonade all summer long. Our ReFiLL Stations are located at JiLLy’s Ice Cream and JiLLy’s French Fry Factory on the Ocean City Boardwalk. Our lemonade is available in regular, strawberry and sugar free.
If our fries and funnel cakes were not enough, be sure to taste all of our other great home made items including Deep Fried Oreos, Deep Fried Candy Bars, Chipstix, Cotton Candy, Pretzels and more. Freshness is the key word at JiLLy’s in Ocean City so you can be sure that all of our food items will be deliciously consistent each and every time. It is no wonder we have tagged the statement “The Best Fry You’LL Ever Try!”
All of our products at JiLLy’s French Fry Factory are home made and cooked in a soybean / vegetable oil combination. We do not use any peanut oil.