Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jilly?

Jilly is Jill Levchuk, one of the founders of Jilly’s Stores in Ocean City. Jill started Jilly’s Arcade in 1976 along with her husband Paul and her parents. You can still find Jill working in any of the Jilly Stores on the boardwalk. One thing to note… She HATES being called Jilly!

Is Jilly’s a Franchise?

Not at all. Jilly’s is an independantly owned and operated family business that started on the Ocean City boardwalk in 1976. Although we run our establishments to the specifications of a franchise, we are the epitomy of a mom and pop operation. We operate under 3 generations of family and a group of dedicated employees who look to make Ocean City the #1 family destination at the Jersey Shore.

Why should i go to Jilly’s?

We are here to serve you. Whether you are looking for just an ice cream cone or a hot new outfit for that Saturday night out, we offer the same high standards of customer service and products to each and every customer that walks through our doors. It is our commitment to make all Jilly’s Stores the premier place to Eat, Play & Shop while visiting Ocean City.

How many stores does Jilly’s own?

We are proud to say that we operate 8 store fronts along the Ocean City Boardwalk, along with a large parking lot behind our flagship store, Jilly’s Arcade. We are in the process of putting together our next wonderful store front to make its way to the boardwalk in Summer 2011. Stay tuned!

What if i am not happy with the level of service or products purchased?

It is Jilly’s commitment to offer a level of service and products to our customers that is second to none. We have highly trained staff and experienced managers at our properties at all times. Since we are a family owned and operated business, there is always at least one owner on one of our properties at all times as well. We look forward to hearing both negative and positive feedback as this is our best source of information to better service you.

Do you host birthday party packages?

We are sorry to say that at this time we do not have any birthday party packages, however we absolutely welcome birthday parties at Jilly’s Arcade. Please call us ahead of time so that we may help accomodate your special day. Coming Soon… Jilly’s will have a fully integrated swipe card system that will allow us to host your birthday party in the near future. Stay tuned for updates! For Birthday Party information…

What are your stores hours?

Jilly’s hates being closed! So sad! 🙁 That is why we are committed to opening every day that we possibly can. We take great pride in knowing that if people are on the boardwalk, we are open to service them. Even in the dead of winter, Jilly’s stays open. We love meeting new customers in the summer, but also look forward to seeing our local customers in the shoulder seasons. Please see individual store hours below. NOTE… Beacuse we are so weather dependant, you can always give us a call to make sure we are open. Or send an email for immediate response to