Jobs for International Students

International Applicants without prior JiLLy’s Stores work experience should apply in the following manner:
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Apply by sending an email of interest, including a resume with dates available and CV to We recommend that students interested in employment apply by April 1st. Applicants with prior JiLLy’s Stores work experience may re­apply by email at before April 1st, 2012.​ Please include in the subject line: FORMER EMPLOYEE.

A minimum work commitment of 12 weeks is required for Formal Job Offer .

JiLLy’s Stores only employs international university students who possess J­1 Work and Travel Visas. You must possess a DS­2019 form, a valid passport and the J­1 visa. Failure to produce these documents will result in the withdrawal of your employment offer. Additionally, students who have previously worked in the US should bring their Social Security Card with them. For information about Work and Travel programs please visit:



The types of accommodations are typically apartments (flats) and rooming/boarding houses.  Housing in Ocean City is plentiful. It will be your responsibility to make arrangements for housing. Once you arrive, our Recruiting Staff can assist you in finding housing if having trouble. There is no need to worry, no one has been stranded without housing and we will make every reasonable effort to assist you in your housing efforts.


Housing costs vary depending on several factors: location, arrival date, type of housing, and the amenities offered. The earlier you arrive in Ocean City, the better the choices will be. Those who arrive first get the cheapest, cleanest, most convenient housing. However, even if you arrive in late June and July you will find adequate housing. Rent can range anywhere from $75 ­ $140 per week, but the average rent is about $100 per week. Rent is usually paid weekly. Expect to be required to pay in cash a security deposit (usually $100) and your first week’s rent upon moving in. You should plan on the possibility of spending your first few nights in a motel; this will give you enough time to really look around and compare flats.

S​tandard of Living

Most housing in Ocean City is adequate. It can most accurately be compared to cheap college/university housing. The housing will not be grand, but it will be within walking distance to the beach and boardwalk, grocery stores, launderettes and work. You will want to find a safe, clean, conveniently located place, but keep in mind you won’t spend much time there so it doesn’t need a lot of extras. Do not expect to walk into flats with air conditioning, satellite TV, and pools out back. (Though there are a few places with these amenities). Accommodations are generally old and not equipped with modern amenities. They are furnished and usually provide bed linens and cooking supplies. Additionally, many of our summer employees have been able to find housing that offers wireless internet access.

Where to Live

Ocean City is not a large island and it is fairly easy to get around without a car. The beach and boardwalk are in walking or bicycle distance to most of the properties in the down town. We recommend anywhere from North Street to 19th street as ideal locations to commute to work. Anything further north or south is okay, but further than a 15­20 minute walk.