Ice Cream Factory

Serving Ocean City Since 1984

JiLLy’s Ice Cream Factory has been serving up the most delicious soft served and hand dipped premium ice cream in Ocean City since 1984. We use only the finest ingredients from top local suppliers. Our staple items include 8 flavors of soft serve ice cream , 16 flavors of hand dipped ice cream and a selection of over 50 toppings. Let your imagination run wild with the endless ice cream sundae and milkshake choices.

The ChiLLy JiLLy is a concoction of your favorite soft served ice cream mixed with your favorite candy, topping or fruit. The choices are endless and the taste will blow you away. Our staple is the ChiLLy JiLLy Peanut Butter Storm. We use a mixture of Vanilla and Peanut Butter soft served blended with Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and peanut butter sauce. Garnished with even more peanut butter cups and peanut butter sauce.

Old Fashioned Home Made Milkshakes are a must have on those great summer nights while you are strolling the Ocean City Boardwalk. JiLLy’s Ice Cream has been hand crafting your favorite milkshake blends since the day we opened. Our premium ice cream is 10-14% butter fat which ensures the tastiest, richest and most perfect milkshake you will ever have. We start with a syrup base, add your favorite ice cream flavor and ingredients , pour over with 1% milk and blend to perfection. The result is the greatest milkshake on the Ocean City Boardwalk! With endless flavors you will be coming back over and over. Or try one of our Ice Cream sodas, made with the same perfection.